• The Texan Terror
    • The Texan Terror

      • Wanna buy the full book, its on Amazon texan terror
      • Nov, 12 2018 12:28pm
    • 30 Awesome Images To Wrap Up Your Weekend
    • 30 Awesome Images To Wrap Up Your...

      • #1 -Dispatcher to unit 12, we are getting reports of two boys with their shirts off on route 19 staring at traffic, check it out as they are weirding out drivers
      • Mar, 18 2018 07:46am
    • 41 Savage Memes To Keep You Laughing
    • 41 Savage Memes To Keep You Laughing

      • #16 is heart warming at first, but realise what this means and what humans do to them. Imagine you come across a litter of puppies they are so cute and cuddly and adorable, but then the puppies become aggressive they attack, maim and kill you. The feeling of absolute betrayal, bad puppies.
      • Dec, 20 2017 04:03pm
    • Peanut Butter Jelly Time
    • Peanut Butter Jelly Time

      • Not just that if God existed then he is responsible for every evil in the world and every evil that has been committed and for the rise and fall of Lucifer himself. If God existed and he was this all powerful supreme being, then he is responsible for Lucifer's creation and all he did because he was created by God and WE were supposedly created by God so he is responsible. Oh wait he gave us choice and sin in some fucking garden somewhere... Eve bit the apple yadda yadda, but God set it up for Eve to fall, Eve fell because she was supposed to fall, after all he created hell and put Lucifer in it, he created a prison waiting its first inmates... therefore if God existed there was no choice at all never was, just poor fiction.
      • Nov, 4 2017 08:17am
    • Peanut Butter Jelly Time
    • Peanut Butter Jelly Time

      • Religion especially the Judeo-Christian religion is just bad fiction, Lucifer rebelled against God because he was't happy with his lot in life and wanted to supplant God as the master of the universe. So there is war in heaven and Lucifer and his renegade fallen angels are cast into hell, and now people who have sinned are cast into the fiery cauldron of hell and punished until the end of time! But ask yourself this if Lucifer existed why would he do the bidding of God after he rebelled and was cast out. If Lucifer existed he would not punish the sinner as Lucifer was THE ORIGINAL SINNER, if hell existed it would be off the fucking hook with Lucifer being the ultimate host for humanities worst.
      • Nov, 4 2017 08:11am


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