• Draining a Spider Bite
    • Draining a Spider Bite

      • i dont know dude that shit grossed me out, i didnt even watch the whole thing..
      • May, 19 2010 09:29pm
    • It's Safe to Surf eBaum's World Again!
    • It's Safe to Surf eBaum's World Again!

      • try this, send me a link to a site your os says is malicious, and i will go to it, and take a screen shot of it. and then continue to chat with you. without anything happening to my comp, with out any software to stop it. that was main point, not that windows cant block ads, i was just mentioning a nice program for mac users that takes a lot of the bs out of the internet.
      • Feb, 4 2010 09:03pm
    • It's Safe to Surf eBaum's World Again!
    • It's Safe to Surf eBaum's World Again!

      • what good would naming a link be? i use a MACINTOSH you douche, not a PC, how am I to believe you? Tell you what, take a screen shot of the front page of ebaums world, and email it to me. im pming my email to you now. show me the front page of ebaums, with out any adverts on it, and i will admit defeat on this thread, and surrender that you are right about things im not telling you youre wrong about. do it.
      • Feb, 4 2010 08:53pm


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I am King Jalopy. I am a Conservative American, Left Handed, and play music. I currently live in Dallas, Texas. Fuck you too! Unless you're from Texas. If I repost, let me know, I will take it down. =)

Recently I have been accused of spamming everyone, this is simply not true. Obviously my account was hijacked by some prickless fagot, anyway, stop messaging me about it, I'm not doing it, take it up with eBaums, I have tried, and those fuckers won't do shit about it. Good Luck, this site is officialy SHIT!

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