• Rep. Gohmert Introduces Resolution to BAN Dem Party
    • Rep. Gohmert Introduces Resolution to...

      • I have never been more ashamed of our party than watching this racist Texan being so blatantly disgusting. Since he is from Texas, which I think we "stole" from Mexico, he should consider giving it back. This speech is a direct insult to the life work of John Lewis and all the Civil Rights activists. The fact that you would post it shows me what kind of a Republican you are. Please grow up.
      • Jul, 23 2020 11:09pm
    • Funny and Funnier
    • Funny and Funnier

      • I live in her district, she is a very capable individual. Just because she finds your opinions not workable (racist, homophobic?) does not mean she is a moron. Have you ever run for office? Have you done anything to serve your country but post hateful message here anonymously?
      • Jul, 11 2020 12:57pm
    • Confused leftists own themselves
    • Confused leftists own themselves

      • He is not gay by any means. We can tell those that play gay just to embarrass those of us that are. This is so offensive to the gay community.
      • Jul, 11 2020 12:40pm
    • The CHOP Finally Got The AXE Today
    • The CHOP Finally Got The AXE Today

      • Mr. Nugtastic, thanks for providing us with your insight, it seem like you fully grasped what happened. Do you live in the Seattle area? There are so many people here on this site with what seems like an unhealthy bias towards change, especially when it involves challenges to their generational racism. It is amazing what a little anonymity will do to people's attitudes. So many sites are now reigning in hate speech that I hope they will start to flag posts or delete them when they cross the line here. People are stressed out, and change is always hard for a society to accept and understand. What they did was similar to our Founding Fathers, and I am sure that the stress relief of even a brief period of time was beneficial. The fact that people with nefarious intentions took advantage of a peaceful situation is unfortunate.
      • Jul, 1 2020 09:11pm
    • Woman protects her property.
    • Woman protects her property.

      • Mr. Pow - I see that your CNN posting was taken down. I would like to thank the moderators here for their understanding how hurtful and hate filled that posting was. As I have asked you before, please represent yourself here as a respectable Republican. We need members that encourage others thru their behavior, intelligence, and caring attitude that we are the party that will represent them in Congress. Your behavior reminds all of us of a spoiled three year old. The racist posting is not an example that our party wants on the front page. Again.
      • Jul, 1 2020 04:11pm
    • Reality VS CNN
    • Reality VS CNN

      • And Mr. Pow, if you read your last post, you say that only white supremacists will be voting for Trump. If so, and you are voting for Mr. Trump, then you say you are a white supremacist. You may want to reedit that. You also need to relearn proper English syntax as well as proper grammar usage. Again we need to promote a positive, polite, intelligent version of our party. Do you see any of our party leaders acting like the way you do? Unfortunately acting like you do reminds people of the "other party idiots".
      • Jun, 30 2020 08:38pm
    • Reality VS CNN
    • Reality VS CNN

      • Mr. Ahab, you still owe me an apology for saying I hate cops. Mr. Pow - Why is it then that skinheads, Nazis, white power groups , and the like identify with the right wing of our party? If you look at the racial makeup of the Republican Party, we are mainly white, middle class voters. Democrats have a much greater diversity in their party. Your problem is that when people disagree with your position, then you automatically reach the erroneous conclusion that they are not real Republican. With your rantings, which embarrass our distinguished party, you do not reach out to those we want to add to our party. Please also refrain from profanity, you do not see any of our party leaders using it.
      • Jun, 30 2020 08:31pm


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