• Fill in the Blank Contest #1
    • Fill in the Blank Contest #1

      • Today I walked home and saw someone (#1)____crapping________ all around (#2)____neighbrhood______. I had no clue why he/she felt that was necessary, but people have the right to be (#3)__rectally incontinent_______. After witnessing that, I finally managed to make it (#4) _____to my house_____. Luckily my (#5)___hand sanitizer______ was right where I left it because I was really (#6)____covered in crap______. I finished (#7)_____wiping my shoes______ and realized I didn%u2019t have (#8)_____towel ______ so I just (#9)____laughed________.
      • Apr, 8 2015 06:49pm
    • I'm Eriq, eBaum's new Community Guy
    • I'm Eriq, eBaum's new Community Guy

      • Just dropped by for the first time in ages, I hope you do revitalize the blog section, we used to have a great time here, I would suggest a flash fiction contest (you provide the topic or key words and others write about them. great fun! I would definitely get involved!
      • Apr, 8 2015 08:59am
    • Ferguson, Missouri Saved!
    • Ferguson, Missouri Saved!

      • You have to admit, those little tiny cars are very maneuverable and would be perfect in an indoor, retail environment. Just think, they are confronted be a group of looters, they immediately radio their buddies and through an awesome display of driving expertise intimidate the would be looters into abandoning their endeavor. On a separate not, you have to admit those Fezes (?) they wear are pretty goddam intimidatingQ
      • Aug, 28 2014 03:26am
    • America the Fre... scratch that.
    • America the Fre... scratch that.

      • Quite an improvement in typing, focus, grammar and coherence from your last blog! That's great. and yes our rights are eroding
      • Jul, 26 2014 04:18pm


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