• DMT - The Game Changer
    • DMT - The Game Changer

      • Your brain doesn't just contain DMT on it's own. That's a common misconception of the drug. It is, however, extremely simple for your body to synthesize on it's own. A lot of information on the internet or in documentaries is taken way out of context. You're obviously understanding the main idea here, but I always feel it necessary to point out that fact. We don't contain DMT, we make it. That's what's even harder for me to understand, though. I know through mediation it can happen, and I've been very close to doing it (at least I think so), but the thought process that must go on in order for your pineal gland to actually release any DMT is not something you can just do out of nowhere. I've been trying for years and I feel like I've barely moved any closer to where I want to be. And for what it's worth, "god" is just a concept.
      • Aug, 13 2013 03:54pm
    • DMT - The Game Changer
    • DMT - The Game Changer

      • I honestly think that doing it might help you with the paranoia and all that jazz. It's probably going to be a rough trip, but once you're on the other side you'll realize so many things that you've been doing wrong.
      • Aug, 13 2013 03:17pm
    • DMT - The Game Changer
    • DMT - The Game Changer

      • Yeah you definitely should. Do it in a comfortable environment and just let it happen. If you can still even comprehend the fact that you're smoking it, keep going.
      • Aug, 13 2013 03:12pm


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