• My Undying Love
    • My Undying Love

      • Hi There, Mike Barrington, San Jose Offices,Ah the days of young love.. I can honestly say I don't miss them. If you truly want to get whoopi with her, first you have to flash and show money. Women are naturally attracted to money and power. Say something like "your inheriting a million", that will open up doors for you with the young dame and then presto. No more 3rd base blue balls and going home to masturbation again. Also wearing a suite does wonders as well. Other women will eye you down because you look successful, and in turn make her jealous. That will get her to pay attention and get her to not wear panties next date. Corona's and Patron shooters at Cafe Rodriquez Bros in LA. Look me up via Outlook and we can discuss the laws of love.Mike Barrington, San Jose Offices
      • Apr, 28 2012 02:56pm
    • What's for Dinner, With Herman Cain.
    • What's for Dinner, With Herman Cain.

      • Hi There, Mike Barrington, San Jose OfficesYou forgot to mention he'll get the black backing him. Sorry that was rude. I meant Black community. I once dated a black women in South Africa on a business trip for a small mining agency and represented the company due to human abuse or some non sense like that. But there main temp looked like Halley Barry and the jungle fever kicked in. They say once you go black you don't go back. But I left, and caught malaria instead of the jungle fever.Mike Barrington, San Jose Offices
      • Nov, 13 2011 09:39pm
    • Too lazy to read or too lazy to understand???????
    • Too lazy to read or too lazy to...

      • @ Andrewryan69Hi there, Mike Barrington, San Jose offices,Andrew, I know it's frustrating to be in the blog section sometimes and not getting your way. I once didn't get my way in Mexico with a cold corona and 5 call girls at Alalitas. I only got 3 girls and a Negro. But point is you should try being a little nicer to your elders. You might learn something. Feel free to look me up Outlook and I'll take you out for a coke or whatever kids do today. Mini golf and Jameson sounds like the ticket!Mike Barrington, San Jose offices.
      • Nov, 13 2011 09:30pm
    • 10 Reasons Why Australia Is Better Than Canadia
    • 10 Reasons Why Australia Is Better Than...

      • Hi there, Mike Barrington, San Jose Offices,Miss Neko, I must say putting countries against each other like that is indeed a little unfair. Each Nation has different economic plans as well as lovely sites and people. For example: Aussie women are great! There men , not so much. Canadian women are great!, there men, not so much. I once represented Tom Green in a case agaisnt 4chan and harassment charges. He is indeed a good man and can drink Fosters like a champ. So with that all being said being negative towards others wont get you any ware in the workplace. You have to find the positives in order to make a case. Your picture does bring back memories though of a great time I had in Bangkok with an escort. Since women over there don't do threesomes I had to pay their poppason an extra 5000 bot but it was worth the cost. Apparently money can bypass a person's faith.Hi there, Mike Barrington, San Jose Offices,
      • Aug, 11 2011 09:06pm
    • The Mystery of Women
    • The Mystery of Women

      • I have indeed stopped in and said Hi, but no blogging or comments. I ended up getting married and divorced all in a 6 month period. But the Marriage was a sham from the start. I ended up sleeping with my exwifes daughter and that kinda pissed her off. It was not my fault her daughter wanted she had more coke on her that night and wanted to play Bad touch with Step dad, but Que Sera Sera I guess. Me and the daughter still hang out sometimes and thats part of whats been keeping me busy as of late. She's like a spider monkey in the sack.
      • Aug, 11 2011 08:51pm
    • The Mystery of Women
    • The Mystery of Women

      • Hi there, Mike Barrington, San Jose Offices,Mr. Eagle, women are a needy specimen of creature. I've dealt with many women in my time and learned each woman needs something different. The true key to bagging a catch is wine, dine, dance and eat. And when it comes to the end and the money is spent, it usually ends up between the sheets. That's when you do what I call the Barrington ninja, and get out while she's sleeping and never deal with her again. I don't foresee myself trying towards a relationship and never will however I do enjoy a good hunt. Now If you want no strings attached go to a dive bar and find a cougar. You know, The drunken 40 something lady recently divorced and no ambitions in life what so ever. Cougars are good for the slow days and me wating to dive in the water and get wet. Send a fax and we can further discuss over Guinness and Tacos at Carlos O'Brians in L.A.Mike Barrington, San Jose
      • Aug, 11 2011 08:37pm
    • Am i the Asshole !
    • Am i the Asshole !

      • Hi there, Mike Barrington, San Jose,Fuzzy, sometimes the work place get frustrating because of the simple fact: Females can get away with so much more. I once trained a young sexy little intern who was indeed as yea said about you co-worker worthless. However she had many more good talents that had to be unseen by other in the office and I assure you she was a moral builder. Sometimes you just have to find a persons' nitch and get them on track and exploit there true talents. If you help her even though she may be dog ugly, it's nothing that a bottle of Maddog and a couple of pabst blue ribbon can't solve. Later on, you can use that as leverage against her and get what YOU want! Yes the battlefield of the office can be tricky, but the battles can be won. Mike Barrington, San JoseOffices
      • Aug, 11 2011 08:23pm


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