• Enraged Belgian Farmer Singlehandedly Makes France Smaller
    • Enraged Belgian Farmer Singlehandedly...

      • There is no border between France and Belgium. Both countries lost their sovereignty to non-elected bureaucrats through the betrayal of their politicians.
      • May, 5 2021 09:54pm
    • QAnon
    • QAnon

      • If you listen to Marjorie Taylor Greene speak, you can hear kindness, you can hear reflection, devotion, you can hear hope, you can hear love. Now listen to practically anyone on the left, Al Sharpton to Nancy Pelosi, and you get vitriol, fury, hatred, instigation, violent rhetoric, provocation and insult. FUCKING LISTEN TO WHAT PEOPLE ARE ACTUALLY SAYING, porkee and Drumpf. Want to play a game of who said what? (You start HAHAHAHAHA, start with that racist thing Trump said. LOL... go find a quote, and keep it in context... LOL, good luck man!)
      • May, 5 2021 09:49pm
    • Comedian Thinks City Council Meeting is Great Place to Test His Act, Fails Miserably
    • Comedian Thinks City Council Meeting is...

      • His biggest problem is that he is trying to present the material in a manner that is CLEARLY not his personality or not his creation. It's called copycatting, the uglier twin of emulation. Sometimes even bag jokes can make people smile and therefore are good jokes. He just practiced way too much alone in front of a mirror, and therefore he presented it as if he was a crazy person talking alone. Lesson in all of this: bombing is part of comedy. If you bomb every time though, then clearly it's not your calling.
      • Apr, 27 2021 10:59pm
    • IM RICH!
    • IM RICH!

      • All I see is that cheesy "about me" section. Honestly if you think your comments are capable of butthurting someone on this website then you're overestimating your wittiness.
      • Apr, 25 2021 08:22pm


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