• Karen Wants 7/11 Employee Privileges, Last Worked There 20 Years Ago
    • Karen Wants 7/11 Employee Privileges,...

      • What's the big deal? If you've worked in retail more than a day you've run in to stuff worse than this! I had the phantom s*itter at my store. It was a little Korean guy that would go around to stores in the strip center where I worked. He would ask to use the restroom and say "EE-mer-gen-see!" I let him in and the guy from the sub shop a few doors down ran in and screamed "DON'T LET HIM USE YOUR BATHROOM!". The guy crapped all over the seat, smeared it all over the sink and walls, wiped with paper towels and left them in the trash can. NASTY! Looked like Mr. Hankey did his Christmas dance. :-(
      • Jul, 4 2020 09:52am
    • Britney Spears
    • Britney Spears "Freestyle" Dancing...

      • I've seen hotter chicks at the trailer park near our landfill. Trailer park chicks are easy. You drive up in a 1992 Camaro with Flowmaster's rockin' some Rockford Fosgate 12's and a Punch amplifier blastin' Straight to Hell and you're gittin' some, son. That American Flag bikini top will drop faster'n Peter McNeeley against Mike Tyson.
      • Jul, 4 2020 09:27am
    • Guy Uses Malicious Compliance to Change Mom's Rule About Sharing
    • Guy Uses Malicious Compliance to Change...

      • I was home from krummunity kollege for Arbor day an moms was puffin some cheebah and I wuz all like Muh-muh! Gimme a hit and she all like hell naw! You ain gittin none dis, we don't share weed in dis house and I was like dayyyum biotch and smacked her in the mouth and ran out wit her weed an her flat screen.
      • Jun, 18 2020 03:56pm
    • Angry Parking Lot Protector Gives Asian Guy a Piece of Her Racist Mind
    • Angry Parking Lot Protector Gives Asian...

      • I'm so sick of "ohh! She made a racist comment!" Oh no! Words! If anyone cares enough about what I think that it's going to ruin their day then I guess I have substantially more power and influence than I thought! PhantomSentence for President!
      • Jun, 15 2020 10:17am
    • Moron Nearly Kills His Girlfriend then Asks if She'll Have His Baby
    • Moron Nearly Kills His Girlfriend then...

      • Don't let your homeland make the mistakes we did. Don't import those with tribal mentalities and don't let anyone and everyone with a pulse in to your country and you'll be fine. We brought in "your tired, your poor and your huddled masses yearning to breathe free" and now we're overrun with tired and poor living off of and perpetuating welfare.
      • Mar, 14 2020 10:21am
    • Heartbreaking Footage Shows 6-Year-Old Girl Pleading not to be Arrested at Orlando School
    • Heartbreaking Footage Shows 6-Year-Old...

      • After minutes in the pen all she's going to come back hard core. All tatted up with Dora the Explorer and won't think twice about shivving one of the Disciples of Phineas for some lunch money. Lacing up on the playground, making hooch and jenkem in her locker, have a meth-addict white butch girlfriend, turning tricks at the bus stop for "Nia-latahs" (Now-and-Laters). 6 kids by 5 different fathers by the time she's 15, never learned her times tables, emancipated at 16, living off the first of the month then turn her life around at 22, get her nursing certificate and end up taking care of my old ass at a filthy state-run assisted living facility. Livin' her best life...ain't going back and foe-th wit you...
      • Feb, 29 2020 10:22am


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