• Hilarious Comparison of Trump’s al-Baghdadi Speech & Obama’s Bin Laden Speech
    • Hilarious Comparison of Trump’s...

      • Since DAY 1 the media has been on this guy so hard they have manipulated, lied and tried to bash him day in and day out and stupid libtards are such clueless sheep they fail to actually comprehend the bigger picture of what this man is trying to do for the country. And no matter what they will always spin a negative on him because finally for once a president is saying FUCK the system fuck the news and get your head out of your social media phones that crave for attention, click bait and false information, do some research not from fuckin VICE or huffintonpost bullshit and wake up to what's really happening in the world because guess what the real world doesnt give a fuck about your feelings. Noone is better than the other,give respect get respect and have no expectations that others are going to return a favor, because not everyone thinks like you and guess what not everybody is going to like you and that's ok
      • Oct, 29 2019 02:03pm
    • Hilarious Comparison of Trump’s al-Baghdadi Speech & Obama’s Bin Laden Speech
    • Hilarious Comparison of Trump’s...

      • Site some facts where Obama and Bush have done better things for the country than him. Since Trump has been president the unemployment rate has never been lower especially for the black community. But fuck him hes a racist right? Find one thing he has said that is racist, and by racist the Websters dictionary meaning. Not the snowflake meaning where someone's feelings are hurt because they didnt get called by their assumed pro noun because they are mentally disabled in the head because their parents are brother and sister
      • Oct, 29 2019 01:51pm
    • Woman Caught Stealing Tips Shoves Them Up Her Fanny
    • Woman Caught Stealing Tips Shoves Them...

      • A son asks his dad , "Dad , why do they say people who garden have green thumbs when their thumbs aren't actually green? " The dad replies , " Well son it's just a saying, like if you get caught stealing they say you got caught red handed, even though their hands are actually black"
      • Sep, 8 2019 07:41am


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