• Would  you....
    • Would you....

      • Never lived anywhere where robbery at gunpoint was common enough to worry about.
      • Feb, 20 2010 04:36pm
    • Rednote Since you brought it up
    • Rednote Since you brought it up

      • Being British, I feel bound to add that other countries politicians share at least some of the blame - whilst militarily I realise other countries participation makes a negligible difference, politically a veneer of Internationalism perhaps makes it easier to act than pure unilateral action - So apportion blame to Downing Street as well. Damn politicians should work out big wars are not what is needed in today's climate (talk about sledgehammers to crack nuts!)
      • Feb, 19 2010 08:59pm
    • Rednote Since you brought it up
    • Rednote Since you brought it up

      • I don't think you and Kaustic are actually disagreeing here - Good soldiers do as they are told. That is a difference between a democracy and a dictatorship. The problem (as seen from the world outside) is with US foreign policy, which is quite rightly driven from the Whitehouse not the Pentagon. As I said below, it is the politicians that deserve the opprobrium.
      • Feb, 19 2010 06:30pm
    • Rednote Since you brought it up
    • Rednote Since you brought it up

      • Scarily I think I agree with most of what you've said here - if the politicians commit large forces with poorly defined objectives the problems are not the Military's. I would probably add that a further aim of your enemy would be to cause a steady stream of casualties as a propaganda tool. But all in all it is the politicians that get you into these wars, and when they do they should at least have the decency to have a clear set of objectives and a decent exit strategy - as you so rightly imply, sending troops over there with the equivalent of 'sort it out willya' is hardly fair on them. Blame the politicians.
      • Feb, 19 2010 12:13am


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