• Evolution, science and religion
    • Evolution, science and religion

      • Interesting that I find that it is the fantastic and supernatural for which we have a natural bias - we search for patterns and anthropomorphise as part of our natural processing of abstract ideas - If we were 'conditioned' to believe in logic and science, religion wouldn't exist - we have to overcome the natural desire for a humanity-centric answer, in order to accept the methods of enquiry put forward by science.
      • Feb, 12 2010 07:53pm
    • Evolution, science and religion
    • Evolution, science and religion

      • An interesting point of view, especially coming from a member of the intelligence community. Of course the point of the post is to try to de-couple the science from the philosophy. However, since you mention evaluating and interpreting the information you get from a position of 'ignorance' don't you have to make judgments on the quality and sources of the information you evaluate? This would be part of the process that moves me to the Atheistic end of the Agnostic scale (a pure Atheist is making a statement of faith I find as irrational as the pure theist - I just take into account the sources as well as the content of the information in my estimation of the likelihood of a particular position).
      • Feb, 12 2010 07:32am
    • Evolution, science and religion
    • Evolution, science and religion

      • Thaddeus, just read your comment - thanks for illustrating the point I was trying to make to yougottaproblem. Indeed, evolution is the best model we have based on the bulk (note, not the totality) of the current available evidence, so in that sense it is a 'guess'. It may indeed be wrong. However, it seems to be a robust model which has driven other areas of intellectual endeavor.
      • Feb, 11 2010 08:13pm
    • Evolution, science and religion
    • Evolution, science and religion

      • Absolutely with you in the not making science a religion. Good scientists always start from a position of ignorance, and should always be prepared to change their positions based on new evidence. Unfortunately scientists are only human and their failures are rightly publicly condemned. One of the problems with science is that the degrees of uncertainty don't play well with the public - people want to hear "This is what is happening, this is the truth" - if they hear "This is our best estimate based on..." they interpret it as "This is our guess..." and ignore it. In that sense the certainty of religion tends to play well to the gallery, and (especially recently) some scientists have tried to play the same game. As for me, I believe scientists should work towards better educating people about scientific method - remember, just because you are sceptical about something doesn't mean it is wrong!
      • Feb, 11 2010 08:04pm
    • Evolution, science and religion
    • Evolution, science and religion

      • The respect you show each other suggests a positive outlook for the long term prospects of your relationship - One thing I am curious about. Is your decision based purely on the religious imperative, or is it essentially a matter of respect between the two of you? Of course you might see it as a combination of the two. Whatever the reasoning, kudos to the two of you for making the decision.
      • Feb, 11 2010 07:55pm
    • Ban this dangerous chemical!!
    • Ban this dangerous chemical!!

      • I don't need to go to Wikipedia to unpick that disingenuous bit of taxonomic obfuscation - dihydrogen (two molecules of hydrogen) monoxide (one of oxygen) - it was always oxy-dihydride in our mock chemistry jokes! Still the monoxide conflation with carbon monoxide is of course wonderful poetics. To anyone else who missed the joke, follow the link, ask questions, don't take anything for granted - especially if it is wrapped up in scientific terminology!
      • Feb, 8 2010 08:56pm


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