• weird shit
    • weird shit

      • nope, and I accidentally saw this shit again.
      • Aug, 17 2013 12:02am
    • Fun with Guns
    • Fun with Guns

      • Well, I'm considering a standard issue M-16 to be one issued by the US government, which I used extensively back in my younger days. I think I used full auto on the range one time just for kicks, and never even toggled that switch again.
      • Feb, 7 2013 10:35am
    • Fun with Guns
    • Fun with Guns

      • A standard issue M16 has a switch to change you from single shot, 3 round burst, or fully automatic, which if you use fully auto, you are an idiot because you will empty your magazine in just a couple of seconds.
      • Feb, 6 2013 01:29pm
    • Football explained
    • Football explained

      • The term "soccer" comes from jolly old England. Back in the day, there were many different types of football, for example, rugby was a type of football. They named it rugby football to distinguish it from the other types. It became popularly known as rugger. Another type of football was Association football. It was shortened to "assoc football", then only to "assoc." And as the Brits would often do, and like "rugger", they added the ER to the end of assoc and shortened it to soccer. Americans just kept that name.
      • Feb, 4 2013 12:59pm


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