• Timewarp Pictures
    • Timewarp Pictures

      • I think its fake, but the picture looks pretty old. Too old for photoshop? It could just be a fake grasshopper, who knows?
      • May, 14 2009 04:42pm
    • What wealthy beautiful women looked like centurys ago.
    • What wealthy beautiful women looked...

      • Haha. I'm 5'4" 120lbs and I'm a Suicide Girl if you even know what that is. I just don't belive in bleaching my hair and getting plastic surgery to where I've altered myself so much I don't even look like myself anymore. I assure you I am not ugly or fat.
      • May, 12 2009 07:11pm
    • 28 Things to buy if you were a millionaire.
    • 28 Things to buy if you were a...

      • So did you read the description? I wouldn't buy any of these things because some of them are fucking ridiculous and I wouldn't want to have them and yes in looking them up I know the prices of every single thing on this list. I'm sorry if you couldn't comprehend the description, incase you're wondering I make $25 an hour so no I'm not poor, dipshit.
      • May, 6 2009 10:40pm
    • Insane Dresses Pt. 1
    • Insane Dresses Pt. 1

      • Yeah that would have been a better caption than the one I have on there. Good thinking.
      • May, 6 2009 02:59am
    • Crazy Signs
    • Crazy Signs

      • Haha, thanks. I wasn't sure thats why the question mark is there.
      • May, 4 2009 04:57pm


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This website is great. I finally became a member, don't know why I didn't a long time ago. I'm a pretty laid-back person and easy to get along with. I like to share my funny findings with others so its fun and to all the whiners I'm EXTREMELY sorry if I post something that has already been posted on this website before. I don't do it intentionally, it's just that I have a life outside of the internet and I don't have time to go through every picture on ebaums, although I wish I could lol. OH and yes I do find some of the things I post from other sites, it's the internet people get over it.

And also, if you're stupid and don't read the description of my post, dont f'n comment on it. I don't want your stupidity posted all over my uploads.

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