• 19 Amazing Facts About The Human Body That Will Blow Your Mind
    • 19 Amazing Facts About The Human Body

      • Amazing facts is surely subjective - I don't find these facts amazing. I can bench a car, tow a dumpster with a finger, and curl a house. Do you see me bragging? I think you people need to shut off your nerd boxes (aka computers) and get outside once in a while.
      • Aug, 6 2014 09:09pm
    • American Iconomics: Art By James Charles
    • American Iconomics: Art By James Charles

      • America is the laughing stock of the world. Only in America can you draw on the currency and call it art, lol. You can't draw on Canada's superior currency because it's made of recyclable (a word most of you Americans are not familiar with) plastic dollars. Canada owns the USA, enough said.
      • Jul, 31 2014 08:23pm
    • Curious Cat Vs. Balloon
    • Curious Cat Vs. Balloon

      • Outright animal abuse, I have reported the video and the original poster. This cat is now scarred for life because of this incident and all you people can do is laugh. As a rampant supporter of animal rights and the president of my community's animal rights organization, we find this video to be outrageously offensive. Please delete it at once.
      • Jul, 31 2014 08:21pm
    • 20 Unusual Makeup Masterpieces
    • 20 Unusual Makeup Masterpieces

      • These makeup are simply not good, especially not good enough for the Internet. I've been to several makeup conventions and all of these attempts would go unnoticed throughout a typical makeup convention.
      • Jul, 30 2014 10:35pm
    • ATM Hits Customers In The Feels With Heartwarming Gifts
    • ATM Gives Customers Heartwarming Gifts

      • Irate Americans, what else is new! Americans are so easy to rile up. It must suck being an inferior country with inferior simpletons running your country to the ground. The Canadian military is bigger, better, and smarter than the American military. Our boys are the reason why the Germans lost WW2.
      • Jul, 30 2014 08:07pm
    • Lady Gets Hit By A Baseball Right In The Beer
    • Lady Takes A Foul Ball Right To The Beer

      • Why do you simple Americans like this sport? Oh that's right, you Americans are dimwits. Meanwhile in Canada, we like to indulge ourselves in the most glorious sport ever invented, also known as hockey. In hockey, athletes are athletes. In baseball, the so-called "athletes" are nothing more but fat steroid abusing fiends.
      • Jul, 30 2014 08:03pm


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