• Creepy Cabbage Patch Doll Collectors
    • Creepy Cabbage Patch Doll Collectors

      • I read about this family. They lost their twin daughters in a car crash a few years before this came out. He was once quoted as saying "one day I decided to kill myself but then i found a new life in the Cabbage Patch dolls"
      • Mar, 6 2012 05:14pm
    • Weightlifting Fail Compilation
    • Weightlifting Fail Compilation

      • hen my teacher Mrs. Arbuke kept me after class and told me to take my pants off. She asked me if I thought I was supposed to take off my underwear also. I was shocked and surprised, I didn't know WHAT to do, so I did it and took out my Baloo. That's what I call my Chirp CHIPS.That night, Chad showed me his Miner SHIPPER! That's what he called his Chirp CHIP! We were in my parents's basement. I was shocked and surprised, I didn't know WHAT to do!On an unrelated note, I wonder where all the letters go after they get deleted when you are typing them? I guess that's what HELL is for! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha excuse my language.
      • Feb, 24 2012 04:54am
    • Weightlifting Fail Compilation
    • Weightlifting Fail Compilation

      • Back when I was a kid, I would show my friends my penis, sometimes! I still remember the very first time my friend did it to me in the basement of my parents's house. I was shocked and surprised, I didn't know WHAT to do! My best friend said "BLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH" when he did it!I thought to myself, "CHAD!!!" Chad was my best friend. We did everything together! My mom said we were like two peas in a pode, when she said, "Nicky! You guys are two little crazy indians!" I was shocked and surprised, I didn't know WHAT to do!I thought to myself "MOM!!!" My Mom always was at home, and she made me lots of awesome snacks and other fun stuff like all that kind of cool stuff! One time at school my best friend Chad said, "Dear Nicky, your Mom is so cool! I wish I could have a Mom that makes me all sorts of cool stuff and all that kind of crap!" I was shocked and surprised, I didn't know WHAT to do! I just sat there and didn't say anything. I just tried to keep playing with my soldier doll, like w
      • Feb, 24 2012 04:54am
    • I'm The Bomb
    • I'm The Bomb

      • All I can say is to hell with this life. Plus I am only attracted to tall women, these are the women who time after time consistently refuse me. Do they ever give me a chance? No. Do they even care? No. My only regret is that I was never able to visit Sweetwater, Florida. I have always wanted to go there because it is a town that was originally settled by a troupe of Russian circus midgets in the early 1940s.
      • Jan, 10 2012 04:09pm
    • Giant Footprint - 200 Million Years Old Found
    • Giant Footprint - 200 Million Years Old...

      • The reason I am hanging myself is not solely because I am a midget. Two days ago while I was visiting Vancouver I went to a hockey game and I got so upset at myself because I realized I would never be capable of being what I wanted to be. This is obviously due to my stature; I am unable to go out on the ice and compete. I spent four hard years of my life writing what I consider to be one of the greatest romance novels of our time (Please Consider My Lust), of which I have now burned the only existing copy.
      • Jan, 10 2012 04:08pm
    • Stay Classy Ladies
    • Stay Classy Ladies

      • Today I went 'round the bank with my momand her three sisters. We walked slowly pastthe babies in their strollers and thedrooling immigrants with their handsoutstretched. "I will not feed you!"the third sister cried. I watched the darkman's face closely. We stopped for freshcrab and the four of us drank from the sameglass. I showered my mother with affection,but spit in the faces of her sisters. Theyare not my aunts. They have four abortionsbetween them and six lost children. If godhas his way, we will hose them down (my momand me) on the great day of judgement.
      • Jan, 2 2012 11:16pm


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