• Where are my eBones!!  I'm illiterate....
    • Where are my eBones!! I'm...

      • Well i still think they are full of shit!! I did earn more than the required amount within the time frame and they still stole my points!!! WTF!!!! Yea they can change it anytime they want but it would still be nice if they announced such changes in the form of i dont know, maybe a crazy idea like emails...
      • Jan, 4 2012 10:40am
    • eBones Prize Value Change
    • eBones Prize Value Change

      • I can understand it may have been a little too generous and you may have not have been profiting as needed, but why not just limit the number of uploads you will get points for per day, that will also stop some of the garbage that gets uploaded just to get points... just saying...
      • Nov, 12 2011 04:40pm
    • Why Did They Change The Ebones Value
    • Why Did They Change The Ebones Value

      • I do this from my job, 2nd if u are against extra money then send it to me!! I usually save my points all year and at the end i have almost all the money i need for my xmas shopping!! I thank god i cashed out right before the change and still i lost $50
      • Nov, 12 2011 04:30pm


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