• Man Uses Excavator to Steal ATM
    • Man Uses Excavator to Steal ATM

      • That's good to hear man. As far as aluminum capping, I agree there's no other way. B/c of the building boom here, we had to wait nearly 2 months to get a on a re&re window job we did on a rental. What's up with that 6K closing bullshit? We're they try trying to strong-arm you into remortgaging, then nailing you 3 month interest penalty?
      • Apr, 23 2019 11:01am
    • Climate Change - The Facts
    • Climate Change - The Facts

      • I've watched this from both sides countless times over many years and have my own conclusions. It's a hoax used to rape the west out of 100 Trillion dollars over the next 100 years to rebuild the 3rd world while letting them produce 99% of the 'bad' emissions. It's conducted by junk scientists who live off funding like Al Gores company that went from 1 Million to 100 Million just 1 year after his phony video. The algorithms/models they use are all fucked, building off assumption after assumption. And a giant treat for our leftist buddies, the Russians did an excellent example of pointing this out. Acid Rain, Climate Change, The ice age is coming, Global Warming, all junk science hoaxes I've heard for 40 years.
      • Apr, 23 2019 10:49am
    • Man Uses Excavator to Steal ATM
    • Man Uses Excavator to Steal ATM

      • A) They sometimes shoot you down because their portfolio's are unbalanced & head office tells them to hold back on home hm mortgage quantities / lines of credit for a few months while focusing on commercial or car loans, credit cards etc. B) Never get a mortgage from a bank. Go to a private mortgage broker. He can at worse get you a quarter point lower and has dozens of sources including private. If he doesn't get you a loan, he doesn't get paid, so the incentive is strong. And don't be afraid to negotiate rates or front end fees. C) How in hell did they arrive @ 6K in closing fees? Finally, you can do your own siding for a fraction of the cost. Watch tons of YT vids. I'm semi retired and do all this shit myself or with a helper.
      • Apr, 22 2019 12:06pm
    • Savage Political Memes 46
    • Savage Political Memes 46

      • 5* for a good laugh. Next one do his sons killing triceratops & woolly mammoths during their big game trophy hunt.
      • Apr, 22 2019 11:38am


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