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About Me

Just a guy that doesn't want this site to suck, so i try to bring in some quality. That can be kind of subjective so let me know what you like and what you don't and i'll see what i can do.

- i claimed a prize. i'm not sure if i want it or not, but knowing my luck i'd save up for something good and he day before i got it they would stop the whole erep thing. so help me out with the views so i can get more crap.
----still waiting on that by the way

so i want a subscriber, or 1000. i dont know why, but i have none, and that seems like a shame. so if you like my stuff, or at least some of it subscribe.

(*) write out goals
(*) get featured
() get featured again
(*) 1000 profile views
(*) 2000 profile views
() 5000 profile views
() 1000 quality uploads
() 1000000 ereps
(*) decide which prize(s) i want
(*) earn those
(*) come up with more goals
() decide on another prize
() earn that
(*) come up with more goals again
() get 1 subscriber
() get multiple subscribers
() come up with more goals yet again

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