• Caught Cheating
    • Caught Cheating

      • i know, but thats not nearly as funny, not that this is funny at all...guess that means it should be featured
      • Nov, 30 2008 06:16pm
    • Department Store Parrot
    • Department Store Parrot

      • damn it it cut it off. anyways the ending is the parrot yells"aaaaarrr pharmacy antibiotics 4th floor!"
      • Sep, 28 2008 05:37pm
    • Mother-in-Law
    • Mother-in-Law

      • i'll have to remember that for the happy day my mother-in-law dies
      • Sep, 2 2008 06:59pm
    • Sharks!
    • Sharks!

      • the guys in #6 that is
      • Jul, 29 2008 07:00pm
    • Sharks!
    • Sharks!

      • hope they have something else planned for dinner.
      • Jul, 29 2008 06:58pm
    • Highest Blood Alcohol Level EVER!!!
    • Highest Blood Alcohol Level EVER!!!

      • 1. this isn't the forum its a blog if you dont like it dont read it 2. its a crazy story that i found funny so i shared it, dont like it then once again dont read it.
      • Jul, 23 2008 11:25pm
    • Drunken Irishman
    • Drunken Irishman

      • if a joke is too long it should say so when you try to post it instead of just cutting it off.
      • Jul, 22 2008 10:27pm


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