• 25 SFW Phrases To Use in the Bedroom
    • 25 SFW Phrases To Use in the Bedroom

      • This site is really getting bad. I'm so tired of these features that have no context or background. Just some random shit that makes no sense at all. I%u2019ve been seriously trying to not come back to this waste of space but my subconscious keeps bringing me back. Seriously tho, whoever is creating this garbage could try a little harder to at least give some real context to these pics.
      • Oct, 26 2021 07:28pm
    • Videographer Drives Through Philly's Worst Streets
    • Videographer Drives Through Philly's...

      • Ronald Reagan's admin brought the drugs into the country, made crack cocaine and distributed it to the black community and then turned policing and prison into a profitable business. Basically using everyone who fell victim to the drugs into slave labor. After the 13th amendment the republicans needed a way to keep the black man as a source for free income. So they made them drug addicts and sent them to prison where the could get them to work for free. It saddens me how unaware we all are of the slavery that happens in our great country. The police, the judges, and the prison systems are all profitable for the government. They allow the drugs, they trade weapons with the cartels, and then they make the laws that send vulnerable people to prison for free labor.
      • Sep, 8 2021 09:53am
    • Videographer Drives Through Philly's Worst Streets
    • Videographer Drives Through Philly's...

      • All of this is 100% Ronald Wilson Reagan's fault. Just about everything going wrong with America today is a direct result of the policies and laws the Reagan administration started. It was a republican who started all this mess we are in.
      • Sep, 8 2021 09:35am
    • Special Forces Member Recounts the Time they were Attacked by Unidentified Creature In Afghanistan
    • Special Forces Member Recounts the Time...

      • Real or not I think stories like this are important to human culture. For thousands of years people have told stories of monsters and the unimaginable. It makes men humble in a way. William Wallace had legs the size of tree trunks and could should lightning from his%u2026. Anyway I think we all need to believe in something bigger than this world. Imma have another shot of vodka now. Hah!
      • Jul, 28 2021 05:05pm


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i sampled it myself, and for a brief moment i forgot the people around me. i forgot the hour, the place, my fellow imbibers. the little world i lived in seemed to fade- seemed to grow dim, unreal. only the ale was real. only the ale and the visions it brought me. visions as beautiful and as changing as an autumn sunset, with it's amber hues, just like my homebrew.

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