• The Gift Of GIFs
    • The Gift Of GIFs

      • Not that it means anything but this is the first time I have ever seen a place in a Gif where I live. 21 is in Cham, Switzerland! Next time that baby's here I'm on it!
      • Mar, 4 2014 04:52pm
    • Can Britain Survive Multiculturalism
    • Can Britain Survive Multiculturalism

      • Have to agree with you Joe. The UK welcome all people from all backgrounds. As a white christian, I've lived in many of these communities without any issues or feeling threatened.I've grown up with people from all backgrounds and it has never once stopped me being the person I want to be. Its sad that people are small minded and only see negative where differences between people exist. These communities also add great value and ideas to. In any country which houses so many different views you will always harbour people with extreme ideas. Both from the minority and majority. These sad people sadly don't move with the times and want to go back to the ways of gone years of segregation. We all have to live together in this small world. Typical American news though ... lets ignore the most important news going on in the world around us and make up some B*Shit news story. Sort out your own country before trying to install hatred towards yet another country (let along an ally). Mini rant ov
      • Feb, 9 2014 05:11am
    • Juicy Fruit
    • Juicy Fruit

      • Firstly wtf has this got to do with the competition and Secondly - Probably the quality of the image but the dude in the bed looks like Voldermort!
      • Aug, 20 2013 05:32pm
    • butt overload
    • butt overload

      • I'm betting you pull those pics from your personal collection!
      • Aug, 20 2013 05:15pm


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