• Netflix Set To Release Fyre Music Festival Documentary - And It Looks Amazing
    • Netflix Set To Release Fyre Music...

      • meh, ill probably watch it. the reality of it all was a fairly interesting and kinda karmicly funny to watch play out in real time over the internet.
      • Jan, 21 2019 06:33pm
    • 12 Things You Need to Know About Artificial Intelligence
    • 12 Things You Need to Know About...

      • this is a lot less of a list of facts as much as it is more of a list of things that are kinda cool to you, but not really explained too well, and don't actually mean a lot without the context and information surrounding those specific points made because there are a whole lot of maybes being thrown around thanks to all of this being a very complicated and rapidly advancing subject. one that many believe has advanced quite a bit farther than it actually has. though the singularity will arrive in due time....we are still likely a couple decades off from then at the very least, given the current rate of advancement for technology.
      • Jan, 21 2019 06:29pm
    • Why?
    • Why?

      • you should do some research into the foundations of internet culture, and what ebaumsworld was before 4chan came into existence.....I remember....and so does pepperidge farm.
      • Nov, 30 2018 12:58pm
    • Top 5 Things I Kicked In Conan Exiles
    • Top 5 Things I Kicked In Conan Exiles

      • ya know....after stepping out for another fair bit, just want to say a couple things.1. hey, been a long time, its kinda awesome to see you still posting blogs here.2. this one was actually pretty fucking funny, compared to your early work, you have definitely improved. I realize that this was a fairly simple blog, but still, your early posts were mostly copy pasta trash, kinda like what most of the rest of ours were when we started out here as well....but still, I did enjoy this blog for the lolz. not that you gave any fuck about what I think, of course, just wanted to share.
      • Aug, 21 2018 12:22pm
    • Story time.
    • Story time.

      • I played goalie and was actually the only time anything like that happened.
      • Jan, 8 2016 07:39am
    • Day 2
    • Day 2

      • If true...that is kinda eye opening...I should not be the best blogger this site has had in months...there used to be so many other much better writers on this site....but I guess like me, they bounced as well.
      • Nov, 4 2015 06:46am


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