• I am pretty sure than china is beating us in medal count this year....
      • Aug, 2 2012 04:55pm
    • Girlfriend is moving in with me
    • Girlfriend is moving in with me

      • after following the events you shared about the messy divorce, I am happy for you sir. It is always good to hear that some good old fashioned semblance and order has come back into your life and its nice to know that things have drastically turned around for the better for yourself. Keep on Keeping on sir.
      • Jul, 24 2012 11:25am
    • I Dont Feel Loved :(
    • I Dont Feel Loved :(

      • my response can really be only taken as a grain of salt, but none the less, I am glad to see that one of the old crew is still going strong when the rest of us went off to greener pastures. keep up the writing...even if it is not here....because myself and at least 3 others it seems do enjoy your blogs, take it for what it is, but you can at least know that there are at least a few who do enjoy the content you provide.
      • Jul, 20 2012 12:56pm


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