• Please Do NOT drink Lysol
    • Please Do NOT drink Lysol

      • You gotta love Trump he's making us all laugh over here in the U k while we're in lockdown :)
      • Apr, 25 2020 02:34am
    • A lust for power
    • A lust for power

      • wouldn't have a Mac...Given to me but no doubt you have
      • Jun, 28 2010 06:55pm
    • A lust for power
    • A lust for power

      • Gnome... Hello again. I've got to say... You shocked me. I would never have dreamt, you could actually spell SARCASTIC...
      • Jun, 23 2010 02:54pm
    • My Case Against Hapiness
    • My Case Against Hapiness

      • Well... I'm sorry but I truly think you have a serious problem regarding your status as a human being... I mean... What the fuck is all that ..." Ignorance of the cause of MY feelings..." Grow up...What are you...12 years old. Despair... Let me think, oh yeah...I read this fuckin
      • Jun, 23 2010 02:42pm
    • A lust for power
    • A lust for power

      • Although you have made some interesting points... I find your proclamation to be a scholar quite unnerving. Your grasp of the English language leaves a lot to be desired... On a brighter note however, you did give rise to my latest quote... " Never champion knowledge and intelligence... Hard work and imagination are far more powerful tools... Gld...2010. " So thank you.
      • Jun, 22 2010 04:49pm


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