• Liberal Tears
    • Liberal Tears

      • The woman in the room is the idiotic media, in case you're too stupid to get it.
      • Mar, 22 2017 03:27pm
    • Liberal Tears
    • Liberal Tears

      • California and New York state aside, almost the entirety of the USA voted in majority for Donald Trump. Just because there's a woman shrieking in the room and everyone else is silent, doesn't mean she's the majority. It just means everyone happens to be listening to the irritating noise.
      • Mar, 22 2017 03:26pm
    • Check Out This Amazing Full Body Tattoo
    • Check Out This Amazing Full Body Tattoo

      • What a fucking homo. I thought he was going to flex his ass cheeks too. Grey beard gives it away, he's unmarried, no kids, no purpose in life and a really tumultuous mid life crisis. Depression spent his money on tattoos.
      • Mar, 22 2017 01:18pm
    • Little Misc.-y
    • Little Misc.-y

      • #17 So he cleverly rents the bike, huh? So that money he would otherwise spend on buying the bike, he just gives it temporarily to Walmart and has no longer access to. I mean if you can't use the 200$ while using a bike, you might as well just buy the bike and spare all the trouble and line waiting every few weeks.
      • Mar, 22 2017 01:02pm
    • Cop In Hot Water After Saying He Recognized Teen Girl When He
    • Cop In Hot Water After Saying He...

      • Who cares about hurt feelings? Teenagers stormed the beaches of Normandy under German mg42 fire a few decades ago. People are not pottery. If they get their feelings hurt, they toughen up, not shatter instantly. You don't isolate them from hurtful things. You don't dunk the fresh clay into water to avoid the fire, where they melt away. You throw em in the furnace and they turn into ceramic.
      • Mar, 21 2017 11:40am
    • Zootopia: The adult version
    • Zootopia: The adult version

      • Video credit "I copied this directly from youtube for 300 views on ebaumsworld." Wow, that's about 2 cents profit if you convert that to eboners.
      • Mar, 21 2017 11:33am


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