• Illuminati Foreshadowed 911
    • Illuminati Foreshadowed 911

      • I'm not sure I agree with you spamming but this was interesting, too. Some of these reach a bit but others are scary coincidences.
      • Jul, 27 2016 05:18pm
    • Jack Nicklaus Proves He's One Of The Greatest Golfers Ever
    • Jack Nicklaus Proves He's One Of The...

      • The story is: They were on Nicklaus' new course with perfect new greens. Johnny Miller was saying there was no chance putting and that he was going to chip (which would gouge the beautiful new green with a divot). That's when Jack was like "no way, putt it!" The rest is in the video with Nicklaus making a complete ass out of Miller.
      • Oct, 24 2014 05:36pm
    • Neil DeGrasse Tyson on GMO Food
    • Neil DeGrasse Tyson on GMO Food

      • The largest problem with GMO's in my experience began with (evil) Monsanto. It was because of those evil bastards, their "Round-Up Ready" seeds, a-holes like Donald Rumsfeld, and their victory in being able to patent LIFE. Never mind their efforts go far beyond making "seedless, juicy fruit," they have no idea of the long term effects of what they're doing. Rumsfeld is the same dickhead who has pushed aspartame on the world. Innocent farmers who have refused to use Monsanto seeds have had their crops inadvertently pollenated by nearby Monsanto seed crops. Then Monsanto comes along and claim those crops belong to them because the crops have the Monsanto gene, their patent. The foods we eat are soaked with Round-Up because the plants are immune to it.
      • Aug, 2 2014 06:32am
    • Photogasium
    • Photogasium

      • Aug, 1 2014 10:56am
    • Photogasium
    • Photogasium

      • No. 13...that watch is amazing..."The watch took 396 pieces and 3 whole years of work to complete...$245,000"
      • Aug, 1 2014 09:17am


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