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      • *Plants. One more thing: I'm not oblivious to the fact that some people don't take the Bible literally. The issue is, a lot of people do. If people want to cherry pick the parts of the Bible that already conform to their own beliefs...go for it. Yes, there are obvious parables in the Bible, but you'd be deluding yourself if you thought that the rest of the "Great Book" was not meant to be taken literally when it was written by goat fucking sheep herders a few thousand years ago.
      • May, 29 2013 04:34pm
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      • 31: what does this have to do with the Catholic Church? Mr. Gervais was pointing out that it is ridiculous to simply pray for the people devastated by the tornado in Oklahoma; sending money is way more practical. Your view of creationism is also a bit simplified. Creationism extends beyond believing in the big bang. It also involves the creation of plans, animals, and people on earth.
      • May, 29 2013 04:29pm


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