• nerd girls gone mental
    • nerd girls gone mental

      • oh trust me I'm a nerd and so is my friend she is even a Trekkie i'm more of a wars girl myself also i enjoy comics my fav being the sandman anime cosplay sifi and games including mmo's and i table top there was a time i even larped so i think i do hit nerdom i'm the red head in the video we do exist cute nerds and if your lucky you may even find one of us for your verry own in till then maybe you can fallow us on youtube
      • May, 25 2011 06:00am
    • nerd girls gone mental
    • nerd girls gone mental

      • actualy i'm(the red head) 31 so not half my life and its been around way longer then 5 years almost ten now as it came out before my 21st b-day long enough to be a classic
      • May, 25 2011 05:55am
    • hat cat is not amused
    • hat cat is not amused

      • his sister use to do that when she was tiny so cute but he love my head and nawing on my hair
      • Apr, 6 2011 10:20pm
    • target xbox demo????
    • target xbox demo????

      • maybe but hay it was like that for 2 weeks before xbox finaly sent someone to switch it. i find it good social comantary.
      • Apr, 4 2011 10:15pm


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