• Sexy Chicks With Douchebags
    • Sexy Chicks With Douchebags

      • #14...a rare, live Neanderthal specimen. I can almost hear his grunting as he desperately tries to communicate with more advanced beings (aka, the rest of humanity). IGotHerPeas, these women are with douches because they have serious issues, either psychological or philosophical. It's funny to note that the more attractive that people are, the more likely they are to be unhappy in their marriages and get a divorce.
      • Mar, 6 2008 09:10pm
    • Hot Chicks with Ass Hats
    • Hot Chicks with Ass Hats

      • It's nice to see pricks like these guys finally being made the butt of the joke. The girls with them probably deserve guys like that though. I bet they've been passed around so many times that half of us have contracted herpes just by looking at their pictures.
      • Dec, 12 2007 07:47pm
    • Christian Bear
    • Christian Bear

      • For the record, any "god" is outside the realm of science. No amount of science can prove or disprove the existence of the supernatural. However, God's statement in the joke is relevant. If you choose not to believe, and you're wrong, he's probably not going to be nice to you. If you do believe and you're wrong, you'll never know, because there's no God or afterlife.
      • Dec, 4 2007 10:34am
    • Big Hits Of Sports
    • Big Hits Of Sports

      • I don't recall the title, but it's track 11 off of "A Beautiful Lie" by 30 Seconds to Mars.
      • Oct, 15 2007 11:41pm
    • Believe or not up 2 you
    • Believe or not up 2 you

      • I agree. The shots were from such a long distance that it's impossible to tell what exactly the flashes were. And where is the logic of attaching a missile launcher that is perfectly visible? Why not just load the cargo hold with explosives? Oh, and for reference, a 767 can hold 24,000 gallons of fuel; as these planes were scheduled for transcontinental flights, you can be sure that they were near full.
      • Jul, 2 2007 10:37pm


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