• Air and Sex
    • Air and Sex

      • 1.) how the fuck did he make it better? its teh same fucking thing but he change 1 or two words. 2.) because it is funny 3.) thank you 4.) It is actually a big company for everyone of all ages, race, and sex. how the fuck can underwea be a faggot when it is just cloth and thus non living. nobody care what the fuck you think. how the fuck can a comment suck, all i am doing is stating where ebaum probably got it from. so, get out of your mom's basement, get new boxers and not briefs, and live a little you dumbass fucktard.
      • Nov, 24 2007 03:35pm
    • Air and Sex
    • Air and Sex

      • thats just low. it is a quote made by the people at the Big Dogs Clothing business. i have boxers that say that. all ebaum did was change the answer from "Because it doesnt really matter until your not getting any" to "Because it is no big deal until you're not getting any"
      • Nov, 22 2007 07:45pm
    • Superman
    • Superman

      • i think he means "What?"
      • Nov, 21 2007 03:32pm
    • Penguin Pirates
    • Penguin Pirates

      • they are saying "look at this!!!! look at my dick!!!! my dick is huuuuugee man!!!! look at my dick!!!!"
      • Nov, 21 2007 03:30pm


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