• Iceland arrests ALL of their bankers
    • Iceland arrests ALL of their bankers

      • "Trickle-down" is the biggest lie in political history. It has NEVER worked, and never will. The modern-day mafiosos known as Wall Street CEO's should have been imprisoned and forced to make restitution to the millions of people they screwed. May they rot in Hell. Maybe it's time for us to start shooting a few and making examples of them.
      • Jun, 24 2012 09:55pm
    • Newscaster say's Blow Job
    • Newscaster say's Blow Job

      • FAUX News has been fucking the entire country for years. It's only fitting that they finally give us a blowjob.
      • Jun, 24 2012 06:55pm
    • Trucker Says Sun Did THIS To His Face
    • Trucker Says Sun Did THIS To His Face

      • Not likely. I suppose it's possible if the guy always drove with his windows down, but automotive glass filters out UV rays. Sounds like CNN fell for a practical joke. Awww, don't feel bad, happens to FAUX News every day.
      • Jun, 24 2012 06:51pm
    • The Great Leap FORWARD
    • The Great Leap FORWARD

      • Anyone that equates anything to do with President Obama with Chairman Mao is an unhinged idiot. The death toll under Mao is estimated to be between 18 and 40 million people. And you want to analogize Mao with Obama ?!?! This just shows how far off the rails you and your deranged party are. It'll be fun watching you all plunge off the cliff together. Go on...get even crazier. Continue to get so radical that no independent voter will align himself with your agenda. Have fun on your long journey to irrelevance.
      • May, 13 2012 05:44pm
    • Newsweek Cover: Obama 'First Gay President'
    • Newsweek Cover: Obama 'First Gay...

      • Even though the gesture was largely symbolic it was nevertheless historic. Public opinion is changing so fast that in 20 years people will be amazed that this was even controversial. Kudos to the Prez.
      • May, 13 2012 05:31pm


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