• Is that whining?
    • Is that whining?

      • STOP BICKERING ABOUT MINUTIA!!!!!!!! Don't Be Distracted By Partisanship.
      • Dec, 25 2011 10:55pm
    • Is that whining?
    • Is that whining?

      • It Comes Down To The System Being Broken. RP Is The Only One Of The Contenders Including Obama Who Is Even Willing To Talk About The Real Problems. Politicians Won't Bring Up The Real Issues Because They Are The Ones To Blame. So They Keep Us Side Tracked With What Comes Down To Minutia, Like The Recent Payroll Tax BS, Or The Bush Tax Cuts, Or Gays In The Military. These Are Just A Few Issues That Have Been Used To Split The Populace And Turn Us Against Each Other. While The Real Problems Go Untouched, Because The Solutions Are Not Popular, And The Majority People Don't Care Because They're Sidetracked By These Non-Issues. I Fell For This Crap For Years, And It's Time To End It. It Is Going To Bad For Many People But The Sooner We Deal With Our Fundamental Problems The Sooner We Can Get Back On Track. I Keep Mentioning Problems W/O Defining Them. There Are Three Major Problems In My Opinion, Overspending, Executive Power, And Corruption.
      • Dec, 24 2011 11:33am
    • Is that whining?
    • Is that whining?

      • I Think The Term Isolationist When Referring To RP Is Commonly Misused. He Does Want To Bring Our Troops Home From Over Seas, And This Is What Makes Armchair Politicos Use The "I" Word. While I My Opinion Our Military Is In Too Many Foreign Countries (Easily Over 100) Most Of Which Are Because Of WWII. Technology Has Drastically Diminished Distance (Alliteration) From The Enemy As A Factor.It's Wasting Our Money And Has Been For A While. What Good Is It To Have Troops Stationed In Germany? Is It Worth The Billions We Spend On That Country Alone? Our Military Is Exponentially Larger Than Any Other Country In The World, And That's Fine But, The Last I Heard Our Army Is Six Times More Powerful The Next Biggest Military. That Is Too Large. As Far As Economical Isolationism, Which Is What Matters I Don't Think RP Has Any "Crazy" Ideas. If I am Wrong Please Let Me Know.
      • Dec, 23 2011 07:35pm
    • Is that whining?
    • Is that whining?

      • Aside From Being A Christian Please Tell Me Where Mr. Paul Is Wrong, And I Will Be Happy To Explain Why He Isn't. Bo I Really Think The Way That The Media And The Republicans Took Over The "Tea Party" Has Tainted Your Views. Not Being A DickLove Thad.
      • Dec, 23 2011 03:07pm
    • The Bipartisan attacks on Ron Paul
    • The Bipartisan attacks on Ron Paul

      • You're Mostly Right Red, BUUUUT Paul Is Hands Down The Only Realistic Option For Actual Improvement. The Problems Are Deeply Rooted In Our Government And NO Other Candidate Is Even Being Realistic About Our Problems. One More Thing Is That The Executive Branch Has Amassed A Great Deal Of Power Over The Last 60 Or So Years, And While Ron Paul Is Probably Too Ethical To Use These Powers, They Are There.
      • Dec, 20 2011 12:36pm


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