• Creep B Gone
    • Creep B Gone

      • Thanks man new video every sunday on my youtube channel TrifelinJ. Subscribe if you like them
      • Dec, 5 2017 11:04pm
    • The American Juggalo
    • The American Juggalo

      • too bad they all dont know shaggy2dope and violent jay are actually part of a satanic cult and they are all actually helping to worship Lucifer while thinking they are bad mother fuckers. uneducated mother fucker more like it. i feel so bad for the generation that gets born into those families. how are those kids supposed to know any better???
      • Oct, 13 2011 03:46am
    • Hy-Wire by GM
    • Hy-Wire by GM

      • If this SIMPLE concept generates so much electricity then WHY THE HELL am I still paying electric bills and buying gas??? Our government is so corrupt its pitiful
      • Mar, 14 2011 02:56am
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Im nineteen and I live with three of my friends. We party alot and do dumb shit. new videos every sunday so subscribe on youtube!!!

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