• AK-47 Malfunctions and Sticks on Full Auto
    • AK-47 Malfunctions and Sticks on Full...

      • Same, However I've seen a slam fire once in my life and it happened on a meticulously clean and maintained gun. We deduced the brand of primers on the reloaded ammo were too sensitive and the inertia from the firing pin started the chain reaction. Or because the gun we were shooting had been sitting for a long time and the lubricant dried or became just viscous enough. Either way it was a lesson to always lube up a long time sitting gun before going to the range and pick a different brand of primer.
      • Jan, 14 2019 09:43am
    • Woman Complains After Not Being Allowed To Pet Service Dog And Gets Put In Her Place
    • Woman Complains After Not Being Allowed...

      • Are people really this stupid. Service animals need to be trained before they are given to a person with a disability. No blind guy is going to buy a random puppy and expect them to become a service animal as they get older. That is called an untrained dog. You need someone with working eyeballs to train puppies to become service dogs.
      • Aug, 18 2017 01:23am
    • These Public Servants Have Outed Themselves As Nazi Sympathizers
    • These Public Servants Have Outed...

      • I think it's funny every single picture of that idiot girl who stood in the street and got ran over is one of her face. Nobody wants to show the world she is morbidly obese. It will tarnish the innocent little girl they've painted a mental picture of.
      • Aug, 17 2017 11:04pm
    • Spearfisher fights off two sharks
    • Spearfisher fights off two sharks

      • Another video that should have been featured. Instead we see a 2004 interview of some guy named riff raff... Anyways this video didn't pop up in the search I did yesterday before I uploaded, but did doing the same search today. I'll keep it up anyways and if it does get featured, like it should have, you will get the points since you beat me to it.
      • Aug, 8 2017 10:54am


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