• When You Accidentally Pull Up On A Gunfight
    • When You Accidentally Pull Up On A...

      • pillians.... thank you so much, sweetheart, I really really appreciate your truly, truly sincere desire to see grammar and punctuation done correctly, really I must understand that your bullshit borderline personality issue which masks itself as catty quips can only be considered drivel, and undeserving of any true is with my greatest sympathy that I ask you to please be a dear and fuck off, for I have grown tired of one-word sentences, that of which you have so kindly, and emphatically punctuated your sincere thanks for your input, I will keep it in my heart forever, and appreciate every attempt you make to shove your head up your ass....with dearest regards, Twopath.
      • Jul, 31 2016 11:37pm
    • When You Accidentally Pull Up On A Gunfight
    • When You Accidentally Pull Up On A...

      • ....yeah that's some scary-ass shit when you hear that pop pop pop, let alone drive up on it....just like tornadoes, storms of people should be avoided as well....every fucking election year, things in the hood (and everywhere for that matter) get crazier and more hair-trigger due to all the sheeple getting bent out of shape over the ranting platforms of wannabe presidents and their constituents....I think it has to do with all the ass-kissery concerning the hustle of a platform, the proposals of new lawless laws, general aggressiveness and how that energy trickles down like rancid piss on can feel it in the air, and that ain't the acid or the blunt talkin'......I could get corny as fuck on here and say the only way to help it calm is through acts of kindness, but I doubt anyone would believe it, let alone put it into practice....I miss the inner city...saudade, but right now? Naw....I can wait.....
      • Jul, 31 2016 07:10pm
    • Strippers Dance at Chinese Funeral
    • Strippers Dance at Chinese Funeral

      • ....and on that day tears of joy rained from Heaven, as Long Hung Dong was granted his final really gotta give props to the person who helped that to happen....
      • Jul, 31 2016 12:21am


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