• Attack On Wendys Worker
    • Attack On Wendys Worker

      • Oh, and I really don't think most of you making comments are even racist. Everyone is just pointing out the fact that all these crazy iHop, Burger King, public transit fights are always black women. Not Asian, Caucasian or Hispanic... always the black women. It's merely an observation.
      • Jan, 27 2011 11:23pm
    • taxes explained in beer
    • taxes explained in beer

      • It's funny too because that is NOT what the average person is complaining about. What is happening in reality is that big business/the wealthy get tax breaks, but the poorer are getting taxed HIGHER. It's not like everyone in the scenario gets a discount and the rich get more of a discount. Hell, if my taxes went down, I wouldn't care that the rich are getting more of a tax break, but the fact is I'm getting taxed MORE while the wealthiest are not.
      • Jan, 4 2011 05:51pm
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