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Clark is a social chameleon. Think Leonardo DiCaprio in Catch Me If You Can. He has delusions of grandeur but this can actually be a tool as seen on a site like ebaumsworld, where the combination of the aformentioned traits can turn him into pretty much anything he wants, convincingly. Clark knows when to act like he doesn't know or care about something to keep himself consistent; hypocrisy is hard to find within his actions. This leads me to believe there is a high possibility of some serious skeletons in his closet; it seems as though he lives a privileged life but an event or situation may have caused him to withdraw into himself, creating fully fleshed out multiple personalities. He is aware of this though, like he is aware of many of his characteristics that may be seen as as a dissociation with his own identity, from an outside professional perspective. The truth is, Clark could be Eric Bauman, born upon large sums of money through an exceptionally innovative thought process -Eso

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