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About Me

I will no longer be uploading videos, as I no longer trust that I will be fairly credited.

If EBW wants continued uploads from me, then 1) credit me for the video that I was robbed of (both eBones and eRep) (I estimate about 120k for each), 2) stop fucking me over, and 3) send me a PM letting me know you did so.

The video in dispute is my last upload ("Huge Fight at St. Louis College"), which was stolen from me and uploaded to "partner" video site It is clear that they stole both my video and my description, as theirs was posted after mine and is copied verbatim. As I know that the two websites are owned by Viumbe LLC., I am calling bullshit and saying that you did it expressly to avoid compensating an uploader (me) for my contribution.

Was it really worth it to rip off one video, while losing the 16k views/day I was generating with my uploads? Way 2 Business.

PS states that you've lost ~40% of your traffic since last year. Gratz!

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