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I enjoy the finer things in life... sweatpants, pot, video games, skateboarding without health insurance, endangering the lives of others while street racing, and other types of ill shit. Been here since the year this site launched. inb4 'joindates'

Do you know that when you look at a planet and you see that light, and that lights not even there.. Thats just a light. Thats just your neighbor shining a flashlight right into your yard. Lookin for coons. And he says.. what are you doing in my backyard with that flashlight? And i told him.. I'm shining, I'm shining in your window so I can teach your son about the Universe. He said.. Get out of my yard! Why are you communicating to my son? Why are you in all black? Behind my bushes shining a light into my house? And I said.. I'm teaching your son about the UNIVERSE! I'm shining a light..... I'm shinning a light right in there.. and exploring his room, as he's looking out and exploring the Universe. I turn the light off and i see your son

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