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About Me

Bender is a Unit 22 Bending Unit and was his mothers 1729 th son. His father was killed by a can opener. Comprising of 40% Zinc and 40% Titanium he later attended Bending State college where he majored in Bending and minored in Robo-American studies. He became a legend for his pranks while being part of the house Epsilon rho rho. He then took up a successful career in bending Girders but tried to kill himself when he found out they were for suicide booths. He was saved by Fry and later took up the job of ships cook at Planet Express. His other pastimes include watching TV, smoking cigars and stealing. To be able to function properly he needs the chemical energy from alcohol, so excessive drinking is mandatory or he will become sober and unable to control his body. Magnets stuck to his head make him sing like a folk singer.

bite my shiny metal ass.

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