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About Me

Lcpl BrianPeppers420
0311 bullet sponge


I am a wounded Civil War veteren. I was the first man to walk on the moon. I invented the automobile. Im a movie star. I invented electricity and gravity. I was the first president of the United States of America. I won the Super Bowl. I have a huge dick. I am, BrianPeppers.

Inside your wiener are a bunch of little eggs.
You find yourself a girl, you put your wiener
in her and you squish out all your eggs by
peeing in her. And then the eggs grow into a
baby and she pushes them out with her poop. If
she doesn't push them out, the baby will get
to big and crawl out of her mouth. When the
babies first come out, they eat boobs.

In China, there is an ancient legend that one day a creature will be born from a dragon and a phoenix, and that creature will mate with a pringles can and create a God that will vanquish evil from the land. The prophecy has come true...

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