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About Me


Somewhere in the distance, tasty waves/twat.

I blew all my reward money by having Van Halen play at my birthday.

"Jeff *****oli is one of the many ebaumsworld mysterys, is he bv, maybe we will never know. What we do know is that he seems to be the kind of person who uses the word "gnarly" in real life, the keanu reeves of ebw if you will. At times his timing can be second to non. When he feels weak he falls back on his trusty "Durrrr." A likeable character and one of the fer users who have touched a woman. "

jeffspicoli eatin ravilolis, smokin them rollies, livin the ebw life talkin to his boys, aint hearin that noise, fuckin them bitches, killin them snitches - facelessfck

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