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About Me

Banned for speaking the truth. Great site. You people are real patriots I tell you. Real good people. Real assets to the human race you are. With your life-wasting MEME features, your racist "Black Twitter" galleries, your apparent obsession with hardcore porn "stars" who without a doubt were sexually molested as children, resulting in their self-demeaning choice of life's work. You promote this nonsense, and apparently promote the oppression of the entire world population, by silencing people who make valid arguments against the unconstitutional orders put in place by those put in place to do so. Banning someone for defending his position against other members spewing "toxic" remarks? If I'm told to "shut the fuck up" Or "kill yourself" or any other barrage of insults from other members, for simply making points that should be blatantly obvious to anyone who can use their own head, I'm going to respond accordingly. Of course speaking truth is the real reason. Fucking sheep.

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