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About Me!/PlatypusGuitar

Thanks to all my subscribers. Tell me if you subs me, i will return the favor.

Just rate and comment my shit if youre gonna look at it


I am a 29 yr old french canadian. I listen to anything that rocks from punk to metal to oldies to indie. I consider myself a movie fanatic so thank you Utorrent for all the download. I love cats and hate LOLcatz. Theres nothing like a wake and bake with a cup of joe after morning sex after last nights sex. I dont give pet names to my boyfriends penis because its degrading, hes not naming my boobs so fuck that shit, see. Wouldnt it kick ass to fly like superman... we wouldnt need cars anymore and mini skirts would stop being pointless. why do they say chocolate ''chips'' they dont use potatoes in making chocolate.

** April 1st '09** First Blog Entry
** May 1st 09** First time on Top5 users of the day
** May 28th '09** First feature
** May 29th 09'** Going from enoob to user
**June 1st 09** 100 Buddies
**June 3rd 09** Got my own fan club (admin: EggOnlyEgg)
**June 12 09** Started my first group - Blog Whores ---
**June 24 09** Entered Top50 Most Suscribed with 41 subscribers
** July 3rd 09** 10 000 profile views
**July 5th 09** Senior User Level
**September 24th** 15 000 profile views
** October 16th 09** First Picture Gallery Featured
**October 19th ** Contributor Level
**November 12th** 300 Buddies
**November 15th** 500 Uploads
**January 13th** 69 sexy subscribers
**March 17th** 20 000 profile views
**November 5th** 100 subscribers
**November 15th** 30 000 profile views
** some time during 2010 ** stopped caring about achieving shit here and moved on to youtube videos and other social media, links at the beggining.

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