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About Me

They see me Prowlin' they hatin' - Jags
McProwl 2010

House wife of Mr. Littlejeans.

Mr. LittleJeans: Page 1 and QMV's uterus. The theme?! They're both MINE!

Mr. SquirtleJeans: I got kicked out of Barnes and Noble once for moving all the bibles into the fiction section.

McNigglet: I could never stay mad at Jags McProwl. eh is a sexy jungle cat and doesn't afraid of anything.

BuenoVag: Who are you supposed to be, Dr. Quin medicine slut?

JeffG: "Hey baby, I noticed you have a vagina. My penis would fit in there nicely."

"EffBeeEye: Hey roscoe, Imma let you finish but TheQMV had the best post of all time. ALL TIME!"

Nizzler: "I was walking along and I Found a Dime, at the same time, I felt a ShitVolcano getting ready to erupt,to help the pain I proceeded to rub my Ballstank with GrundleJuice (Mikehockuslong btw) so I stopped by TheQMV and to use the TurdPan"

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