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About Me

Solace, I'm proud of you. Instead of quoting me like a simpleton, you took the extra step with that "cock" comment. I love you! :D -rnutter

It's a guy happily observing an enormous
cock penetrating the anal cavity of
another man, immediately followed by
that same anus explosively defacating on
the happy observer. -LexLuther

So I heard Solace is a pretty cool guy... -LordRobinson

Solace is pretty much one of the very very few people I like on this site. -NutGobbler

Solace people have said nice things about you and you seem to be really nice to everyone, don't sink down to their level. That's how they getchya. - p0keSMOT

Dude. get musically talented. then make songs. then take drugs. then listen to your songs. then love yourself moar than anything.
solace, i love your man junk and dude ass. but i also love your personality. i'm not just about the sex. you're a good man who i could marry and have a family with. -Jesse_Christ

solace is the most gentlest soul on th

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