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I have no cups

It's time to come clean with all of you. This is my 11 year old son's profile. He has trouble making friends so when he said he wanted to join this site I thought it was okay. I checked up on his acount tonight only to find naked pictures of girls with the names sammichboss, shylilazn, and simone in his inbox with titles reading, "for mai speshul boo, bahamenrule! ; )". I am very sorry if my son has lead you to believe he is an adult, but he is only 11. His account will be deleted tonight. Sorry.

hey maggie. i kno u dont relly kno me, but i kno u. ive always wantd to say something to u. i tryd to get up the curage to talk to u, but i just culdnt... but i wantd to tell u i like u... i relly lik u... no... i think i luv u. look i dont hav much to offer. im shy, i dont hav the biggest musels... hek, im stil a virjen, so i kant say im a grate luver. but if u wuld giv me the pleshur of just dansing with me 4 one nite... one song... im shur i culd convinse u to love me.

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