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I live for music. All different types, as long as talented musicians are involved. In fact I can appreciate a lot of different types of creativity. I like books and movies that wake you up and make you think. Coincidentally I like to to the same to people. Im not sure why but I love the look on someones face as they are pondering an obscure question or statement. I can be quite sarcastic, in fact I usually am. I have never in my life said the right thing at the right time. I almost never pay attention to what I should be. I have a strange sense of humor that I cant begin to describe and all my closest friends share. I also consider myself a realist, which I think is a disposition based on experience and knowledge. Rather than optimism or pessimism, both based on hope and fear. Trivial things almost never bother me, I guess its because I try to look at the grand scale where most of the little things are of no consequence. And by the way, most everything you can think of probably qualifi

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