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About Me

Seriously If you need help with ANYTHING just hit me up, I'll gladly help you at any time and If I cant I will try and send you in the best direction to someone/something that can help.

Time to make an X list!
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(X) make an X list
(_) prove clouds eat planes is actually cloud seat planes
(_) become a MOD
(X) get a full page of features
(_) manage to know more about a movie then fartknocker
(X) Get engaged to princess RJ
(X) Have JD threaten to kill me
(X) Act in the movie AVATAR
(_) Get hurt and have mrnursejeans take care of me
(X) Learn and memorize every meebo emote
(_) meet a user from here in real life
(_) make an alt account
(X) make a jeans account
(X) have an account that is a member of the shades group although jdownsyou banned me from it
(_) get enough points for the 5 day cruise
(?) Become the nicest guy on ebaumsworld
(X) Be the youngest allowed member on ebaumsworld
(X) Have JD actually kill me
(X) successfully be accepted in the night crew
(_) spam and not say sorry after
(X) spam and apologize at least 5 times about it.
(X) Be brought back to life by Crazy_Canuck
(X) get 200,000 erep points
(X) get 20 features
(X) be banned (damnit -_-" )
(X) lose all respect for turtlemanpro
(_) gain back respect for turtlemanpro
(X) Eat food while looking at blue waffle
(_) Eat food while looking at blue waffle and not vomit
(_) Prove that deax is actually my parasitic twin
(X) Get 35 features
(X) Get 500,000 erep points
(X) thank clark kent for something he didnt do
(_) Learn the true power of the thumb
(_) UnBan Mr_Fake_man
(X) see bassturd without his shades on
(X) Go on live chat and survive for 20 minutes (it was tough, but i did it)
(X) Get a feature with 2000 comments on it
(_) Watch every movie you guys list
(X) Watch a movie every Friday and/or Saturday
(X) click every link sent to me
(X) had a hate group dedicated to me
(X) Have 40 friends all on meebo at the same time
(_) Have 50 friends all on meebo at the same time
(X) Find out why he is called Mr_Fake_Man
(X) get 1,000,000 erep points
(_) change contrast on x-list

(X) add more

More will be added later.

Horrorfreak for eBaum's World Moderator

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