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A nigga was scheming on a come up & I was going to get mine by any means. After several months of throwing darts in the dark I finally got my first feature. I was pretty hyped in all honesty. I watched the views just pile in. gucci.exe By the time I hit my 3rd feature & was feeling like Michael Jackson before the Pepsi ad the fucking website got sold out of the blue! Now this was a big deal for the ebaum community. Yes, there is actually a community here. Not just assholes shit talking tards all day. None of us saw this coming. irc & yahoo messenger was blowing up over this shit. None of the pts we earned meant shit now. We built this website with countless hours of uploading, commenting & basically entertaining people because we loved it and these dipshit owners sold out because who the fuck wouldn't want to own a yacht filled with strippers,MY PS3 & a fucking mountain of weed sprinkled in cocaine?

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